To find out the price of a scuba class use our website and drill down to the individual class that you booked or are booking.  Up to date pricing will be found there.

Our certification scuba programs are designed to achieve a balance between quality and price. They are priced competitively with neighboring stores ranging from Marin down to San Jose. They are packed with two complete days of training, 6 hours pool time, equipment assembly sessions, small student to instructor ratios, Instructional Equipment, a full-time staff dedicated to just teaching you to scuba and so much more. Scuba Fusion is a PADI dive center that is focused on scuba diving and scuba instruction.

We have no hidden charges or “Gotchas” at Scuba Fusion. Be careful of complicated pricing structures that purposely give vague descriptions of what’s included and not. Programs advertised at lower than market prices will inevitably frustrate when you discover the extra $$ needed to finish the program. Savvy sales people and dishonest marketing will all turn you away from learning to dive. We want you to dive! Our pricing is 100% upfront competitive and honest.