Advanced Scuba Certification

Advanced Scuba Certification

Gain more experience and confidence diving Monterey – Choose the Advanced Scuba Certification!

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The Advanced scuba certification course involves five ocean dives during one weekend in Monterey. Three beach dives are conducted on Saturday. The first is a non intensive dive such as PPB or Fish Identification so that divers can re-acclimate to the challenges Monterey diving offers.

Navigation follows and then after a break the night dive. Sunday is all down hill as divers complete the PADI adventure deep dive and one more specialty from a dive boat or from the beach. The Advanced scuba certification course schedules may vary and some specific equipment is needed.

Some cold water diving experience is recommended before taking this diving class. If you have never been diving in cold water, worn a hood, gloves and the 7mm suits needed – instead try booking one of our guided beach dives first: Guided Dives >

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