Diver Orientation

What You Will Do At Orientation

There are many important things that cannot be done the day of the first class meeting. Come to the store at least 1-2 weeks before your first class. No appointment is necessary and only takes about 30 minutes. At orientation you will:

    1. Sign Liability and medical
    2. Get Personal Gear
    3. Size store Instructional Gear
Begin getting ready 1-2 weeks before
sample padi medical questions for scuba divers
Scuba Diving Lessons Learn to dive PADI Medical and Liability Questions

1. Sign Liability and Medical

Students will need to fill out the official PADI medical questionnaire in person.  It contains “yes” or “no” questions.  Certain “Yes” answers may mean that you will need to get physicians approval before participating in SCUBA training.  This must happen in the form of a completed PADI medical release form.  Unfortunately, divers who arrive the day of class with a “Yes” answer and without a release from their doctor will be sent home.  Fill out this form weeks before class begins in case you have a “Yes” answer and need to see your primary care.

Some Yes’s on the med might mean a visit to your doctor

2. Get Personal Gear

You will need good quality “Personal Gear” to participate in a PADI certification program. Clam shell snorkeling kits found at the discount stores will not cut it.  At 60 feet of depth a tempered glass mask that has been pool tested for fit by its owner is critical.  Our instructors recommend that you purchase personal gear from the store you are taking lessons with. We provide you with the ability to exchange gear while training with us.  Buy a mask and if it does not work you can exchange it for a different make or model or even color.

Personal Gear = Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots and Gloves

3. Size Store Instructional Gear

We provide students the free use of “Instructional Gear” during the pool and ocean ocean dives.  The equipment must be sized at the school prior to first class.  We wear swimsuits under our wetsuits.  A comfortable 3mm suit and BCD for pool and a thicker 7mm suit for divers headed to Monterey will be fitted.  Many opt to purchase their own suit for comfort reasons.  Instructor’s tip:  Make sure your suit fits comfortably and not too tight.  Snug = good, tight = bad.

Provided free of charge if needed


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