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Learn to dive comfortably with the Scuba Fusion Drysuit Specialty program

Cold water drysuit dives can be fun

Pool and Ocean

One pool session, one ocean session at Monterey and a tiny bit of homework is all that is required to be drysuit certified.

Drysuit Sizes are available at Scuba Fusion

Rent or Buy

Drysuits for the course can be rented or purchased at a discounted rate.  Students size the suit a week or so prior to the pool session.

Drysuits can keep you warm and cozy

eCard Specialty

The curriculum involves donning suits, buoyancy skills and safety practices. It is an official Padi specialty program.

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Questions about Scuba Fusion Drysuit Diver Specialty

Can or should i rent a drysuit?
No, It is not recommended to rent a drysuit for many reasons. Firstly each time you rent a suit you will be going through a whole new learning curve. Each suit model behaves differently and must be learned. Ask yourself if you can escape a runaway ascent using techniques learned during your course with a rental suit you have never worn before on a deep dive in Greenland? Renting suits should be avoided if possible. Also, most shops including Scuba Fusion do not rent drysuits. The boots on drysuits also vary. Some are hard boots that are very large and some are soft. Will your existing fins fit over a rental drysuit in Seattle? If you are of a unique body shape and size chances are rental departments will not carry it.
Is it difficult to dive in a drysuit?
No, but for safety reasons using a drysuit does take some practice. Drysuits are generally used for buoyancy control instead of the jacket once underwater. This requires a pool and or ocean dive to adjust.
Is there any homework with this drysuit program?
Yes, as usual with a Padi program there is some knowledge development needed. Students can choose to save money by using the manual. The Padi drysuit diver eLearning program is also an option but will cost more at checkout.
Do I need to get drysuit certified to buy a drysuit?
No, certification is not required to purchase a drysuit in most areas. However a drysuit certification is needed to be able to rent one in all areas. The drysuit certification is highly recommended for safety reasons.
What are the prerequisites for this drysuit diving program?
You must be 12 years of age or older and hold a valid scuba certification from a known agency.
Is a drysuit included for use with the class?
Yes, at no charge we provide each student with a drysuit to use during the entire course.
Do I have to size for the suit?
Yes, students need to visit the store a week or more before the class begins. Divers need to try on their training suit. Suit availability is limited. If we don’t have your size we can hopefully order and have it arrive before the class begins. Do not size for your drysuit last minute. As usual a liability and a medical questionnaire must be signed. Certain “yes” answers will send a student to the doctor.
How much does the drysuit course cost?
Drill down to your selected class to see pricing.
Why learn to dive in a drysuit?
To stay warm while diving Monterey is the number 1 answer! Staying dry means you will be warmer. If you are warm and comfortable then diving Monterey and other cold water sites such as Seattle become completely doable. A nice ancillary benefit to diving dry is that the suit is filled with air so floating at the surface becomes so much more comfortable than a wetsuit.
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