divemaster course

Divers need to have their own gear and will need to come into the store to pick it up.  It is recommended to do this 2 or 3 days before the dive.  Important to note that there is a gear checklist included with the directions.  Our staff is good at what they do but they are human so please review the checklist before leaving the store.  You can find the checklist and directions to the dive site attached.

The beach dives will be in 50 – 56 degree cold water.  This means to stay warm we will be using thick 7mm 2 piece suits, 3-5mm gloves,  5-7mm hoods and open heal fins used with 5mm boots.  This additional buoyant gear means we will need to dive with more lead weight.  A 180lb diver may carry 30lbs of lead around their waist or distributed into the jacket.  This kind of diving is very different from the warm water Hawaiian or Caribbean diving that requires shorts, t-shirt and 4lbs of lead.  If you have done most of your diving in warm water let us know so that your guide can better serve you.  Be prepared for an adjustment.

Gear: You will need your own personal gear including mask, snorkel, boots, fins and gloves.  We do not rent personal gear items.  These must be your own.  I recommend picking them up here at the store.  We have good prices and can work an exchange if you are having any issues. Diving gear is very different than the cheap Sports Serority snorkeling kits. Buying Guide Personal Gear >

We rent the rest of the items needed.  That is a 2 piece wetsuit 7mm, BCD, weights and belt, hood 5mm and cylinder.

The diving in Monterey can be great some days and other days the viz may be a bit short with large waves at the entry.  If we are lucky we will see a flat day with sea lions, sea otters and everything else living in the kelp forests of the bay.