Required Scuba Gear

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Buy, Try and Exchange!

Students can exchange required scuba gear

Most gear does not work out the first time around

Any required scuba gear needed that is purchased at the store can be exchanged during your training at Scuba Fusion. This ensures that your mask or fins fit before attempting ocean dives. You can’t exchange Amazon masks and fins between pool sessions. Feel good by supporting the local school you are taking lessons with!

Policy good for students and the required scuba gear needed for diving classes
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Diving Mask

Quality diving masks are different from snorkeling masks

Tempered glass 420 and not plastic. Masks must be fitted and tested in a pool before going to the ocean. A quality SCUBA mask will run anywhere from $45 – $75. Cheap masks are made from cheap silicone that leaks due to poor molding. Not what any student diver needs at 60 feet.

Prescription masks are available
Can’t go anywhere without good footwear

Diving Fins

Test them in the pool for optimal fit

You will need a real pair of fins for diving. Scuba fins are different from snorkeling fins. Lightweight snorkeling fins will not suffice. Divers need real propulsion because tanks and weight belts are heavy. They range from $50 – $150. We recommend the open-heal variety worn with boots.

Flipper is the name of a dolphin
Dry Snorkels are the Best!


Allows you to breath at the surface

A snorkel allows a diver to rest comfortably at the surface despite swells. We also use them to snorkel out to a dive site. This allows us to conserve the precious air in our tanks. They will cost anywhere from $12 – $50 depending upon features. We recommend the dry snorkel variety. Dry snorkels can help prevent you from drinking saltwater in rough conditions.  Snorkels are required for the PADI Open Water Scuba Class.

Start purchasing 1-2 weeks before class
Personal Gear Needed Diving Boots
5mm – 7mm is recommended


Another peice of gear that must be tried in a pool first

You will need a pair of 5mm or 7mm thick neoprene high top boots for diving in cold waters such as Monterey. 3mm or thinner boots are fine for warmer waters but the 5mm – 7mm can be used in both environments.  Boots keep you warm but they also keep your feet protected from cuts and scrapes. Most divers use open heal fins which require boots.  All personal gear needed can be exchanged or returned for store credit.

Your fins and boots will break in together
Needed for Monterey


3mm - 5mm gloves are needed for cold water

Only needed for Monterey divers or divers planning on cold water diving in the future. Get a good pair of 5 finger 3mm – 5mm neoprene gloves. Gloves keep you warm but also protect you from sharp rusty things.

Some tropical locations will not allow divers to wear gloves
Provided free of charge if needed

Instructional Gear

All the heavy expensive stuff you may not want to buy so fast

We include Instructional Gear if needed: BC jacket, regulator, computer, tanks, weights, wetsuit and hood. It is provided during pool lessons and Monterey ocean dives (if you choose to do Monterey). Some divers own or purchase gear for the program.  It is necessary to try it all out in the pool before attempting ocean dives.

Provided free of charge during all pool and ocean dives.

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