We love to dive in beautiful tropicalesque Monterey. It’s just a 90 minute drive from San Mateo. And on a hot summer’s day with crystal clear water it is akin to a day on the beach in Hawaii. However, it can be a difficult learning experience for beginner students who are not comfortable in the ocean, are extremely prone to seasickness, or are claustrophobic. Thicker wetsuits, gloves, and heavier weight load outs make learning to dive there challenging. Your instructor will elaborate during the course. Students can change their minds about going to Monterey at any time during the course.

Your instructor will inform you during the pool session(s) as to weather or not you should attempt Monterey the first time out. Many will complete their ocean dives and gain experience in a more comfortable environment (Hawaii) and then return to dive with us in Monterey in the form of a tour dive or advanced diving program.

Warning: Listen carefully to your instructor during class and pool sessions. He/she will give you important feedback and help make the decision on weather or not Monterey is for you.

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