It is not recommended to rent a drysuit for many reasons. Firstly each time you rent a suit you will be going through a whole new learning curve. Each suit model behaves differently and must be learned. Ask yourself if you can escape a runaway ascent using techniques learned during your course with a rental suit you have never worn before on a deep dive in Greenland? Renting suits should be avoided if possible. Also, most shops including Scuba Fusion do not rent drysuits regularly. The boots on drysuits also vary. Some are hard boots that are very large and some are soft. Will your existing fins fit over a rental drysuit in Seattle? If you are of a unique body shape and size chances are rental departments will not carry it.

Get fitted for a new suit at Scuba Fusion and we will include 2 dives in Monterey with an instructor to sort out your new toy.

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