Jun 15-16 Advanced Program

Training Fees $299

This 5 dive adventure has divers perfecting navigation and night dives Saturday. While Sunday they dive from a professional charter boat completing their deep and boat dives. Details Schedule >

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Advanced Program w Boat Dives

Saturday will begin in Monterey with buoyancy work and Underwater Navigation from the beaches of Monterey. After a break divers will reconvene for the night dive (optional). Sunday boat dives in the morning complete the course with Deep and (one other specialty dive). Some experience beach diving cold water is recommended to participate.

Sat 12:00pm – 8:30pm PPB, Navigation and Night
Sun 7:45am – 1:30pm Deep and Boat

The beach and boat dives are conducted very close to Cannery Row.  Directions to the meeting sites will be handed out once liability paperwork is signed at Scuba Fusion in San Mateo.

Seems Pricey?
For one the boat dives charter tickets are included in the pricing.  And think about it you have a professional instructor working with you all day Saturday and all morning Sunday. Be wary you get what you pay for these days.

$69 Academics by Book. Or, Divers can instead choose to complete the academic requirement using the Padi Advanced eLearning program at $183.60. Academic options are made available during checkout. Compare here >

Hidden Charges / Needed:
Divers need to bring their own basic SCUBA equipment plus a dive knife, compass and a dive computer to this course. Computers and compasses are included in our rental equipment if you choose to rent. Dive lights are only required for divers that wish to participate in the night dive. If your not sure what diving equipment you need for Monterey then we recommend signing up for a Guided Monterey Tour Dive or a Refresher Diver Course first to get accustomed to cold water diving. Scuba Diving Classes >

A dive bag is a must for boat diving – please buy or borrow one. Seasickness pills are also recommended to those who may fall victim to seasickness.  The diving can be fantastic – but the ride can be rough.

12 and up with certifications

Also, these dives are a great opportunity to break in new gear.  You will dive in varying conditions to see what works and what does not.  A Scuba Fusion instructor/divemaster will be with you every step of the way to guide you with new equipment.