Everybody has an opinion about learning to dive, scuba diving, and scuba equipment. Be careful! Some opinions may come from a place of inexperience. Listening to their advice may actually endanger you. Listen to the advice of your professionally licensed diving instructor.

Your licensed PADI instructor is in the water each week turning novice divers into pros. Has spent years of dedication becoming a better instructor by participating in continuing education. Has attended professional seminars and worked daily with other dive professionals. The only opinion to value is that of your professional dive instructor.

Many experienced divers recommend older gear to new students Old and antiquated equipment from yesteryear can save you some rental money but can also get you killed. Yes, much of the antiques you see in dive museums worked and worked well and are still seen in one form or another on the market today. However, some of it can be downright dangerous to the end user. CO2 inflated BCDs and old steal 72 tanks onced used by navy frogmen in the 40s can be a liability. They recommend it because it worked and worked for them. However, a lot has changed in efficiency and safety with training and equipment over the years.

Wake up and make your own decisions when learning to dive – it is directly related to your safety and well being.