The PADI Scuba class and pool program as well as the ocean checkout dives program are both pass or fail program. The staff at Scuba Fusion would love to guarantee successful graduation of every student. However, it is just not possible to do that. What they promise do is facilitate a comfortable learning environment engineered and standardaized by PADI (the training agency) to give each student a reasonable block of time to learn the basic skills needed to graduate. Statistically speaking diving is a very safe activity. However, it can be an unforgiving activity. Therefore each student must reach a certain degree of comfort in each of the three portions of the course; Academics, Pool and Ocean Dives. The training fees do not purchase certification and are non-refundable. Referral paperwork and or the certification card is provided as a graduation present and does not need to be purchased.

Q & A with instructors:

What are some of the reasons people fail this program?

Showing up with poorly fitted borrowed gear that grand dad gave them from his days as a see bee. Older gear that pre-dates the Mesozoic era is dangerous.  Innovations have been made that increase diver safety as well as comfort.   Leave the old gear at home this is not an episode of The Antiques Road Show.

Not starting/completing homework or eLearning before the first class session is a bigger deal than people think!  The homework/eLearning really gives people a clear idea of what to expect and really prepares them to receive instruction.  There are quizzes and exams that are taken during class sessions – the final exam is pass or fail.

Not coming to the store 7 – 14 days before class begins to pickup student materials (homework)  size instructional gear and to size personal gear.  There is no time to do this the morning of first class. There is a short period for lunch and you need to eat before spending 3-4 hours in a pool.  Your instructor needs a break and he/she will be at lunch and not fitting you for boots and fins during their lunch break because you couldn’t find a little time in your schedule to visit the store.  Come to the store and get prepared 7-14 days prior to your program.

Choosing not to wear one of our wetsuits during the pool sessions.  Our suits are included for you to use at no charge.  Yes, the pool is heated but after 3 hours in the water even the toughest guy will be shivering.  We have had people drop out because of this bravado tough guy nonsense.

Answering “yes” to a question on the PADI medical questionnaire and then showing up to class without having a signed waiver from a doctor.  Understand that your instructor is a independent contractor who follows the rules set fourth by PADI and not the store you are taking lessons with – Scuba Fusion has no say in this matter.  Your instructor cannot instruct you without a waiver.  If there are all “no” answers on the medical then you do not need a waiver.  This PADI standard has created “drama” more times than once for our store.  Please don’t be like the last nice family of three sent home at the first class meeting.  Their trip to Maui was scheduled for three days later.

Buying cheap costco wallmart masks and fins has got to be our biggest pet peeve.  The instructors do not get commissions for selling masks and fins.  We want you to have good gear for safety reasons and to better your chances of having a great first diving experience.   This is not a snorkeling class in Maui. You will be training to depths of up to 60ft wearing heavy diving gear. Proper fitting gear is critical in this sport.  Your personal gear is life support and you need to try it out in a pool before going to the ocean for your checkout dives.  Work out the bugs using the gear you purchase from us (you can exchange it) Plastic lens masks and flimsy child sized snorkeling fins will not do for a scuba course. Saving $20 on a cheap pair of fins is not worth it when they fall off deep below the ocean’s surface.  Buy from the Scuba Fusion store!  You can exchange the gear during the program.    Your instructor will encourage you to do this.  Most students will swap out their first mask or fins set during the first weekend to correct issues such as leaking mask or fins hurting their ankles.   Again, students of Scuba Fusion can exchange purchased personal gear or take store credit.  You cannot know how a mask will fit until you are in the water.  (Policy good for Scuba Fusion students only during the class/pool portion of the Open Water Course).

Not being able to swim!  You don’t need to be a strong swimmer or an athlete to scuba dive, but some degree of comfort in the water certainly helps. The PADI swim test or swim evaluation will be conducted at the pool. Divers will demonstrate that they can comfortably maintain themselves in water too deep in which to stand by completing a 10-minute swim/ float without using any swim aids. Candidates will also complete a 200 metre/yard continuous surface swim or a 300 metre/ yard swim with mask, fins and snorkel. The test is pass or fail but can be retaken at the next available pool class – the first retake is free of charge.  We want you to pass the swim eval and are there to coach you through it with some good proven methods.

Showing up late repeatedly!  We get it, the discover resort try out scuba class you took in Maui last year didn’t care if you were late or even showed up with a Chi-Chi in your hand during instruction.  Here for certification courses the class sessions, pool dives and ocean dives are part of a carefully structured learning process established by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). The sessions are sequential meaning that if you are absent for the first you cannot participate in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Your instructor has been scheduled and compensated to facilitate the program during the hours of your published schedule and no more. Conducting a class pool program and or open water dive weekend is a difficult task requiring time and energy. If you feel that you may be late contact us and we can talk about solutions – additional fees may apply.

Not learning to setup and check their personal and instructional gear.  It is your responsibility to learn to set up scuba during this program.  Not your girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, mom, dad, son, daughter, brother, uncle, gran dad, partner, wife, husband, the person who talked you into taking the class or anybody not listed (especially Bob).  Standards are clear you need to be the one setting up your scuba gear and your instructor will check.