May 23 & 25 Tue Thu Palo Alto 2023

Complete Pool Sessions $315

Tuesday Begins at the Palo Alto pool with gear assembly instruction followed by in-water scuba skills. Thursday divers meet at the pool again to complete the second day of in-water training. The facility has hot showers and changing rooms. Schedule / Pricing >

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Weeknight Program – Palo Alto Location

Tuesday 5:30pm – 8:30pmish
Thursday 6:00pm – 8:00pmish

Successful grads are given Referral forms after pool and eLearning are completed.  The paperwork can be used anywhere in the world to complete the ocean dives – sold separately.  Some choose to finish in warmer climates such as Hawaii as referral divers while others may opt to dive with Scuba Fusion at Monterey. Referral paperwork expires after 12 months.

Required Orientation A little prep work and some gear is needed before being able to start a PADI program. Divers visit the store for a short orientation, no appointment necessary, no later than a week prior to the first session. A medical Questionnaire, liability and gear fitting is done at orientation.   More > 

$315 Pool Sessions Complete
$199 PADI eLearning Program

No Hidden Charges We include everything in the prices listed except the needed mask, snorkel and fins.  Boots are recommended and gloves and boots are needed for divers going to Monterey or other cold water locations. Don’t worry we don’t hide “gotcha” charges in our pricing.  No surprise instructor fees or rental charges here!

Gear Needed You will need Personal Gear which includes a mask, snorkel, fins, boots and gloves. Gloves are only needed for divers headed to Monterey. The store provides the rest of the gear if needed such as tanks and wet suits at no additional charge. We recommend purchasing personal gear from the store. This way you can exchange a mask or fin if it does not work for you in the pool. Instructor’s Advice: “This is not a snorkeling class. Get good quality Personal Gear made for scuba not snorkeling.” See what you need here  >

About PADI eLearning  The online program is completed entirely at home and takes approximately 6-10 hours to finish.  It is a prerequisite to certification.  We recommend doing as much of it as possible before first class. eLearning is sold separately and can be added during checkout. eLearning cannot be returned if registered on the PADI website.

Age  Must be 12 or older to ride this ride.