Channel Islands Weekend Dive Trip

Channel Islands Scuba Trip abord the Vision

The best diving California has to offer on the most comfortable dive boat

Channel Islands Scuba Trip Comfort Diving

Friday Night

Drive down to beautiful Santa Barbara and stay the night aboard a dive boat specially built for scuba diving.

Channel Islands Scuba Trip Anacapa


Awake to the sounds of gulls and the sea air of Anacapa Island.  Eat and dive then eat and dive again all day.  The evening is punctuated by a night dive off of tranquil Santa Cruz Island.

Channel Islands Scuba Trip spacious Hot Food


More diving at other sites through the day until sadly the boat turns toward Santa Barbara and makes its way across the channel and back to the harbour.

Channel Islands Scuba Galapagos of the northdown the line

Scuba Dive 4 to 5 Dives a Day!!!

Water temperatures range in the 60s. We dive in the same suits we use in Monterey. Staff from Scuba Fusion will be present to lead you on all dives.

Check in Friday July 14th at 7:30pm
Boat returns to harbor Sunday July 16th at 5:00pm
4 dives per day and 1 night dive if conditions permit
Nitrox is available to purchase at check in $35 a day
Hot meals and snacks are included
Beverages bar (coffee, tea, soda, etc)

The Channel Islands are known as the Galapagos of the North and offer some of the best diving on the western sea bed:

Do I rent gear for this?
Not recommended. You are about to dive 4-5 times a day in some of the best diving conditions known on the western sea bed. The Channel Islands have been called the Galapagos of the North. Rent if you want but this is a fantastic opportunity to get to know your new BCD and Regulator set. A new wetsuit will feel so much better than a rental that has been peed in 100 times before. A drysuit will keep you so much warmer on every dive you will think you are diving Maui. Bitten into regulator mouthpieces and stinky hoods should be enough to send anybody to their local dive shop. Own your own gear and you will dive more often.
How old do I have to be?
You must be 10 or older to join this trip. Anybody who wishes to scuba dive must be able to provide certification information to the SBE crew at check in.
Is diving gear included?
Sorry but no: Gear is not included with the ticket price and divers are required to have a dive computer for all dives. Night divers will need a primary and secondary light as well as a tank beacon or chem light – there no exceptions to this rule and they will be enforced by the SBE.
Can I bring a guest / non diver
Yes, in fact they will be able to purchase a discounted ticket at checkout.
Can I drink alcohol on the boat?
Yes, but within reason. The SBE crew reserves the right to cancel any or all of a customer’s dives for any reason during the trip. You cannot drink before a dive nor should we.
Bathrooms showers?
The boat boasts two bathrooms, showers and changing rooms.
What is the address to check in?
Santa Barbara Landing – Santa Barbara Harbor
301 West Cabrillo Blvd
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
How do we enter the water?
The boat has a low to the water rear platform that allows divers to sit down and plop in if they want. Giant stride entry’s can also be done from the sides of the boat.
Is the boat safe?
The vessel is a Passenger USCG Inspected Vessel
How many tanks do I need to bring?
Just 1 cylinder per diver. Tanks are filled by the SBE crew between dives.
Channel Islands Scuba Expedition
Channel Islands Scuba Trip spacious decks
Channel Islands Scuba Galapagos of the north

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