Beginner Class Pricing

Students can exchange any Personal Gear purchased from Scuba Fusion used during the Class and Pool sessions. If it’s not working for you in the pool – exchange it for another or take store credit.  Make sure it works for you before taking it to the ocean! This policy is included in the beginner class pricing.

On Sale

    • $199 Per Person PADI eLearning Option

    Note: eLearning cannot be returned once the diver registers on the PADI website. eLearning cannot be shared.

Pool Sessions
    We include everything you will need
    except Personal Gear. Purchase the
    Personal Gear (mask, snorkel, fins)
    from Scuba Fusion and exchange
    them for better fitting gear during
    your program. Tanks, suits, regs,
    weights etc are included.
Ocean Dives
    All needed gear is included except the Personal
    Gear: Mask, snorkel, boots, fins and gloves.
    Digital Certification PIC/Card is included
    in the price. There are no refunds for
    missed or incomplete dives. Prices are for students
    taking the PADI Open Water course at Scuba Fusion.

These are the items needed to take this course

Anything purchased at the store can be exchanged during pool sessions. This ensures that your mask fits before attempting ocean dives. Buy from the store you are taking lessons with!

Tusa Mask needed for scuba class
fins that are not included with beginner class pricing
Gloves needed to take the class
boots needed to take the class
Beginner Class Pricing gear needed

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